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Right and Left Hand Versions Available !!

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For too long, disabled individuals have been shut out from the game of golf.  This happened for several reasons.  One has been the lack of associations, groups and advocacy groups for adaptive golf.  Another is the lack of properly adapted golf equipment.   Golf professionals haven't had access to the necessary training, tools or club components to actually "fit" clubs to the individual disabled golfer -- until now!!


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The Perimeter Weighted Stainless Head and Flexible Graphite Shaft of the ADAPTA-IRON Offer A Softer Feel and Improved Distance !!


Golf Country has been fitting and teaching disabled youth and adults to play the game of golf for well over 30 years.  Our staff of three full-time PGA-affiliated fitting professionals aided in developing this unique collection of adaptive golf clubs, designed to fit disabled golfers of all sizes, shapes and playing abilities. Even wheelchair-bound players will be able to hit the ball with more power, distance -- and most importantly -- confidence.
Iron_2b.jpg (2116 bytes) ADAPTA-CLUBS may be fit virtually ANY golfer.  Our unique, patented hinged-hosel design allows the Adapta-Clubs to "lie" in a more flat position than conventional golf clubs.  This enables the golfer to strike the ball more solidly while the since the club's sole & hitting surface club head lies in a more parallel position to the ground.  Simply put, the more clubface in contact with the ball, the better the golf 'hit'. 

With the ADAPTA-CLUBS, you'll be able to hit the ball better than ever before.  ADAPTA-CLUB's are available in 3-PW and are available in both graphite and steel shafts.  Simply adjust the hinged hosel to the desired lie angle and lock it down tight using the simple twist-tight knob.

ADAPTA-WOODS tm are also available in #1 (10 degree), #3, #5, #7 and #9 Woods.  This stainless steel oversize head and extra flexible graphite shaft get the ball up in the air quickly.


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For more information about adaptive golf instruction & equipment, speak with one of our club fitting professionals at (810) 364-9160.


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