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If you're interested in registering your child (ages 10-17), contact one of our tournament directors.

All BWJGA Members must pass a written rules test and playing skill evaluation by one of our PGA pro's.






Welcome to the 26th Season of the Blue Water Junior Golf Association!


Returning BWJGA members (those who have played in a previous tournament season) need to turn in the completed registration form along with a copy of their birth certificate. New members need to turn in a completed registration form, three score cards from the current 2017 season - dated and signed by the golf course manager where they played, and pay the appropriate registration fee.  Returning members are not required to take a written test, or a skills test!  Boys and girls ages 10-17 who have previously played in the league may sign up by filling out and returning the registration form with their scorecards and payment to Golf Country.  Returning members may also register by mailing the required information to:

          Golf Country - BWJGA
          4730 Smiths Creek Road
          Kimball , MI   48074



New BWJGA members (those who will be playing for the first time this summer) must also fill out the enclosed registration form, provide three (3) scorecards from the current  spring season - dated and signed by the golf course manager/pro (or golf coach), and pay the appropriate registration fee. 

New members must also take a rules test based on the USGA Rules of Golf and the BWJGA Rules (such as special scoring rules, appropriate golf attire, etc.). Beginning this year, the test will be administered and scored online

ALL NEW MEMBERS ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE A SKILLS TEST PRIOR TO REGISTERING FOR THE SEASON!!  We'd prefer this test take place before the May registration date.  It will be more practical for everyone if you only have to take the written test on that date. 

Skills testing will be held by appointment weekdays (Monday through Friday) at Golf Country (Ph:810-364-9160) beginning May 1st.   The test will take approximately 10-15 minutes and is required for NEW MEMBERS ONLY.



Since 2013, registration has been offered online (see the link above). 
Please review the BWJGA Rules also linked to this website.  Even though returning members do not have to take a test, it is still important to know the rules for double par, appropriate dress, and behavior that are an essential part of the BWJGA.

 Throughout the tournament season, tee times and maps for each of the events will be available on our website.  Please be sure to check your tee times before each tournament. 

As you might expect, proper golf attire is REQUIRED for all events.  Although not all the courses involved have a strict dress code, we certainly do.  Shirts with collars are a must (that means NO T-Shirts). Also, NO JEANS, NO ATHLETIC or DENIM SHORTS are permitted.  If
in doubt, check out our BWJGA Rules regarding proper attire:

Rule # 5.     Proper Attire - Proper golf attire is required at all tournament events.  Shirts with collars and slacks (or ‘dress’ shorts) are required.  This means No T-shirts!!  Shorts may NOT be made of denim or jean material of any kind and must NOT be shorter than four inches above the knee (such as athletic shorts).  Socks must also be worn at all times - footies, quarter socks or athletic socks are all acceptable.  Golf is a sport for gentlemen and ladies and BWGJA members are expected to act and look the part.  IF YOU ARE NOT PROPERLY DRESSED, YOU WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN THAT EVENT.

There will be one Grand Tournament of Champions consisting of all of the golfers who placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in one of the regular season tournaments in any Blue Water Junior Golf Association event.  These winners will be invited to the Tournament of Champions and will be honored with an Awards luncheon in recognition of their accomplishments.  Family and friends are encouraged and invited to attend the lunch and awards ceremony for a reasonable price to cover the cost of lunch. 

Because of the number of new participants in our younger age groups we need adult volunteers to make sure that things run smoothly. The volunteer responsibilities include participating in a 45-minute informal presentation on the simple rules of golf and the BWJGA's tournament  rules (to be held in May -- date/time to be announced), walking or riding with a foursome, double-checking the accuracy of the golfer’s scores, and keeping the pace up.  We would like to generate volunteers from each participant’s family for at least one tournament throughout the season (families of 10 & 11 year old golfers are required to provide a volunteer for at least one event).  Grandparents, aunts or uncles, and adult brothers or sisters make wonderful volunteers!  Don’t let the fact that you don’t play golf stop you from becoming a volunteer!  The 45-minute volunteer training session that will be held at Golf Country will answer your questions and provide you with the knowledge you need to be a great volunteer. 

If you have any questions, need more information, or need hard copies of any of the information located on this website, please stop by Golf Country or contact us at (810) 364-9160.

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