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If you're interested in registering your child (ages 10-17), contact one of our tournament directors.

All BWJGA Members must pass a written rules test and playing skill evaluation by one of our PGA pro's.





2017 BWJGA Rules

 For Event Registration and BWJG Tour Rules Quiz / Testing, Follow this Link:

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1.      Rules of Golf - USGA Rules of Golf apply to each and every tournament event, unless otherwise notified by the BWJGA or the hosting PGA Professional or facility.

2.      Judgments - All rulings will be handled in a prompt manner by on-site tournament director ( or on-site golf professional, if necessary) and will be considered final.

3.      The Committee - The 2012 BWJGA Committee Members are:

J.D. Jowett - Golf Country                                 Paul Prigel  - Gowanie Country Club

Wendy Palmateer - Golf Country                        John Hollenbeck - Holly Meadows Golf Course

Brian Bowman - PH Elks Golf Club                   Scott Rich - St. Clair River Golf Club

Mark Maras  - Burning Tree Golf Club              Ken Oles/Don Shaw  - Marysville Golf Course   

Joel Pettie - Port Huron Golf Club                       Steve Vecellio - Scalawags Golf Club



4.      BWJGA  Membership Age Rules

A.      Membership is open to boys and girls 10-19 based on their age as of July 27th. 

B.      Copy of birth certificate will be required at time of registration.

5.      BWJGA  Spectator Policy

A.      Parents and spectators are welcome at all BWJGA events

B.      Encouragement and compliments on shots is always welcome, however, spectators and contestants are reminded of Rule 8 concerning advice that carries with it a 2 stroke penalty.

C.      All spectators are required to stay at least 30 yards from the contestants at all times. We ask that you please follow in front of the players so that you are not in range of the group behind you and can help spot balls for the group following.

D.     First offense is a two stroke penalty; second offense is disqualification. There is no warning; the warning is the Spectator’s Notice the competitor will receive at each event.

E.      Please refrain from using cellular phone while on the golf course.

6.      BWJGA Special Rules To Speed Up Play

A.     ***THE DOUBLE PAR RULE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED SINCE 2009.***  All scoring will now be based on the USGA Rules of Golf ONLY.

B.     Out of Bounds (9-Hole players only) If after looking for your ball you find it is in the out of bounds area, you must drop another ball within two club lengths from “out of bound marker” and add two strokes to your score.  Remember, this rule ONLY applies to 9 Hole Players in BWJGA Tournaments.

All other tournament players must follow the rules set by the U.S.G.A.  If a ball is out of bounds or lost you must go back the spot from which you last played it and play another, counting both strokes and also adding a penalty stroke to your score for the hole (a "stroke & distance penalty").

Playing a Provisional Ball  If you think your ball may be lost outside a water hazard or out of bounds, to save time you may play a provisional ball provided (1) you do so before going forward to look for your ball, and (2) you tell your opponent, marker, or fellow-competitor what you intend to do before playing it. 

C.     Practice Swings In the interest of speeding up play, only ONE practice swing is allowed!  Please be careful not to take a divot on the practice Swing (and be ready to play or putt when it is your turn).

D.    Pull Carts Pull carts may be used by 9 Hole Players BWJGA members.  All others must walk and carry their own bag.

E.     Tee Starts - The 10 and 11-year old flight (as well as inexperienced 12 and 13 year olds as      determined J.D. Jowett) will tee off at 200 yards on a par 5, 150 yards on a par 4, and half the distance to the hole on a par 3.  The 12 and 13-year-old flight starts from the red tee. 

7.   Proper Attire - Proper golf attire is required at all tournament events.  Shirts with collars and slacks (or ‘dress’ shorts) are required.  This means NO T-shirts!!  Shorts may not be made of denim or jean material of any kind and must NOT be shorter than four inches above the knee (such as athletic shorts).  Socks must also be worn at all times - footies, quarter socks or athletic socks are all acceptable.  Golf is a sport for gentlemen and ladies and BWGJA members are expected to act and look the part.  IF YOU ARE NOT PROPERLY DRESSED, YOU WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN THAT EVENT. 

8.      Attendance - Attendance at all tournament events is required.  However, if for any reason you cannot attend a tournament event (due to family vacation, baseball, sports camps, etc.), you must notify J.D. Jowett (364-9160) at least ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE OF THAT SCHEDULED TOURNAMENT.  Failure to notify us of your absence will result in suspension from the next scheduled event.  Illness, injury, and family emergencies will be handled on an individual basis by the BWJGA Committee. 

9.      Arrival Times –All members should arrive 30 minutes ahead of their scheduled tee time.  Failure to arrive by the scheduled tee time will result in a two stroke penalty. 

10.  Cheating - Cheating of ANY KIND will not be tolerated!!  Anyone caught cheating will be suspended from that event and the next scheduled tournament.  Second offenses will result in an indefinite expulsion from further BWJGA events.  All reports of cheating will be immediately investigated and decided upon by the supervising PGA Professional(s) and/or the BWJGA Committee Members.  All decisions regarding cheating are FINAL.

Cheating is defined as, but not limited to, false score reporting (whether to the group scorekeeper or to the tournament judge), illegal ball movement or placement, illegal improvement of one’s lie, use of non-USGA approved equipment or willful disregard of the USGA Rules of Golf. 

11.  Sportsmanship and Etiquette - All golfers are expected to act professionally and responsibly both on and off the course.  Any use of vulgar or offensive language, horseplay on the golf course, throwing golf clubs or any other unsportsmanlike behavior will be dealt with severely.  First offense will result in suspension from that event, as well as the next scheduled event for a total of two tournaments.  Second offenses will result in indefinite suspension from further BWJGA events that year.  BE A GOOD REPRESENTATIVE OF YOUR GOLF CLUB, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR SCHOOL, AND ESPECIALLY YOURSELF!


Etiquette Do’s: 

1.       Do repair all ball marks, replace divots, and rake bunkers.

2.       Do speed up play by taking no more than ONE practice swing, not taking a divot on the practice swing, and being ready to play or putt when it is your turn.

3.       Do congratulate and encourage one another.

 Etiquette Don’ts:

1.       Don’t give advice to other members of your group.  (It’s annoying & it's against the rules.)

2.       Don’t ask for advice from fellow golfers.  (It doesn’t help anyway.)

3.       Don’t walk in another golfer’s line of play - especially on the green.

4.       Don’t wait until you’ve finished a hole to add up your strokes.  Count them as you go along.  You will remember them better that way.


12.  Tournament Format

A.       Stroke play format with four flights arranged by age group and gender:  10-11 year olds (9 holes), 12-13 year olds (9 holes), 14-15 year olds (18 holes), 16-18 year olds (18 holes), and an All-Girls flight (9-holes).

B.      Awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each flight will be presented at each event.

C.      Players placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any of the regular events will be invited to the Tournament of Champions.

D.     We will be adding a point system for the 14-15, 16-19 yr old divisions. This will allow college coaches an opportunity to gauge the progress of players they may be interested in recruiting.

NOTE:  2017 High School graduates are eligible to participate even if they will turn 19 before July 27th.



If you have any questions about these rules or need a clarification, please call (810) 364-9160 and speak to JD Jowett.


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